Absolute Authority and Benefits of the Bible (2 Timothy 3:15-17)

James Packer, an evangelical theologian from England, said that if he were the devil, first and foremost, he would do everything in his power to make people disbelieve the Bible, challenge its authority, question its reliability, and stop them from coming into contact with it. What the devil does is he tries to keep people from believing in the Bible and tries to keep them away from it. This is because without the Word, everything will be as the devil wants.

The Bible is the most authoritative book in the world.

Despite this, there have been more than a few rulers or kings who, disregarding the authority of the Bible, and many made persistent efforts to eliminate or undermine it. However, only the hammers they wielded to break the Bible were worn out, and the Bible is still alive. All the persecutors have disappeared, but the Bible dominates the world with more amazing power than ever before. There is no other book in the world that can rival this bestselling book , which is sold nearly 200 million times each year(Bible translation is currently happening in 2,846 languages in 157 countries It is a miraculous book that has been translated into the most languages, with 98 percent of the world’s population having the Bible in their own language. We must kneel unconditionally before this amazing authority of the Word of God. We must obey the Word unconditionally.

Knowing this, are you living in acknowledgment of the authority of God’s Word? Are all of your standards of life based on the Word of God?

2 Timothy is a letter written by the apostle Paul to Timothy, his son in the faith. As Paul expects his life to end soon in prison, he earnestly gives words of encouragement and exhortation for him to live for the gospel. 2 Timothy is Paul’s last letter sent before his death, kind of like his will.

Today, I want to think together on how important the Bible is and how it benefits us. So, I hope that it will be a time for all of us to understand the Bible correctly. I will speak on the title of “The Absolute Authority and Benefits of the Bible.”

Why does the Bible have absolute authority?

This is because the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

2Ti 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

Why is the Bible the Word of God? It is because God is the author.

God inspired the Bible to be written.

To say that the Bible is inspired means that the authors were ordinary men, but they were moved and directed by God’s Holy Spirit to write the word of God.

God, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, fully conveyed His intended message using the personalities, characters, knowledge, experiences, and writing styles of each author of the Bible. This is what is meant by the inspiration of the Spirit.

Thus, the Bible is the word of God, spoken by men who were moved by the Holy Spirit.

2 Peter 1:21 states, “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

The Bible is the word of God, recorded by individuals who were moved by the Holy Spirit of God. The Bible clearly declares that it is the word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I will explain why the Bible is the Word of God from a different angle.

The Unity of the Bible – The unity seen in the Bible proves that it is the word of God.

The 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, written by about 40 authors with different backgrounds over a period of more than 1,500 years, have a continuous and unified theme of salvation through Jesus. Does the world have any other book that was written over a span of 1,500 years? Can there exist a book with the same theme written by over 40 authors who have never met?

Despite being written over a long period of time by many different people, the Bible has a consistent and unified message. How can we explain the existence of a book with such consistency and harmony in its content, as if it were written by one author? Yes, it is possible because it was recorded by the inspiration of the one God, the Holy Spirit. Although the Bible was written through human writers, we must remember that the true author of the Bible is the Holy Spirit of God. This unity of the Bible proves that it is the word of God.

The Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy – Another proof that the Bible is the word of God is the fulfillment of its prophecies.

Jesus is the central figure throughout the Bible. The Old Testament speaks of Jesus from Genesis 3:15. It prophesies that the offspring of the woman, Jesus, will bruise the serpent’s head, even though Satan will bruise His heel on the cross. The Bible also prophesies about Jesus’ birthplace, the virgin birth, His lineage from David, His escape to Egypt, the betrayal by Judas, His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. These important events were meticulously prophesied and fulfilled exactly as written.

Furthermore, the Bible contains many prophecies about Jesus’ Second Coming, and we can witness and experience the fulfillment of these prophecies about Israel etc., indicating that we are living in the last days.

While hundreds of prophecies about Jesus have been fulfilled, there are 48 key prophecies that specifically attest to Jesus. And if we express this in terms of probability, it is 1 in 10^157. To put it in perspective, a person named Max Enders once said, “It is like a tornado passing through a junkyard and instantly assembling a car from the scattered parts.” In other words, it is an event that is practically impossible to achieve in this world. Yet, the prophecies regarding Jesus have been fulfilled. Therefore, through the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, we can believe that the Bible is the word of God.

Furthermore, Jesus Himself acknowledged the Old Testament Scriptures by quoting them, affirming that the Scriptures are the word of God.

Why did God give us this scripture?

Let’s read 3:15. 2Ti 3:15 And you have known the Scriptures from your youth, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

The reason why God gave us the Bible is, in a word, to lead us to believe in Jesus and be saved. The theme of the Bible is salvation. The Bible is a book written to help people be saved by believing in Jesus.

What is salvation? The meaning of salvation can be explained in various ways. Salvation is the restoration of a relationship with God. Salvation is to be delivered from hell, from a great danger. Salvation can also mean restoration from a self-centered, sinful life to a life that accepts Jesus as King.

Therefore, the reason why the Bible is given to us is that we need it not only to be born again from sin, but also to help us continue to grow and change as children of God.

Let’s read verses 16-17.

2Ti 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

The Bible gives us specific benefits. In order for us to be restored to the image of God and to the character of Jesus, the Bible is said to be useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and educating in righteousness. And this is so that, in the end, we may be perfected as men of God and fully equipped for every good work.

In other words, it says that the Bible has been given to us so that we can be restored to God’s perfect character and life (actions).

For these character traits and good works (life), the Bible teaches us, rebukes us, corrects us, and educates us in righteousness.

The Bible has teachings. It contains many teachings and values that children of God should know.

The Bible rebukes. To be rebuked is to realize that something is out of the will of God, that is, it means you made mistakes. God rebukes us because He loves us.

Also, the Bible ‘corrects us’. ‘Correcting’ refers to rightly correcting a state that is out of God’s will. To ‘Rebuke’ is to ‘recognize’ a wrong, and ‘correction’ is to get out of a wrong state and make it correct, and ‘reform’ or ‘recover’ ‘.

Also, the Bible is beneficial for ‘training in righteousness’. ‘Education in righteousness’ refers to training people to live uprightly according to God’s will.

Is there any book other than the Bible useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness?

There is no such book – only the Bible.

In this way, the Bible is a useful book for the recovery of our whole life to God’s character and good works.

Posture to Avoid: Path Fields

Jesus told a parable about 4 types of fields.

The seed is the word of God, and the field is the condition of the heart. The attitude of the heart that we must avoid in order not to be deceived by the devil is the state of the path.  Mk4:15 And these are the ones along the path, where the word is sown: when they hear, Satan immediately comes and takes away the word that is sown in them.

The ‘Path’ is an environment where seeds cannot grow. Originally, it was a field, but it became a solid road because many people walked through it. Seeds cannot grow because the soil is hard. Jesus said that the devil came and immediately took away the seed that was sown in the field of the heart that was like this path.

Here we discover something very important. That is, the devil’s main job is to take away the Word of God so that it cannot take root. The devil knows the power of the Word. Hearing the word of God revives dead souls, those who harbor sins forsake the sins, those who are plagued with guilt find freedom. Hearing the word increases faith, and strengthens their inner self. The devil knows better than anyone that the soul gains strength with the Word. So, he does everything possible so that the seed of God’s word does not fall into the field of our hearts. What state of mind is like a path state of mind? If you are in a certain state of mind, even if you hear the Word, will it never be planted in your heart? This state of mind is a state in which our hearts are hard, confused, arrogant, and unable to focus on God. If you are looking at me, the preacher, but your heart is on your lover, you are on the path. When you are listening to a sermon or reading the Word and cannot concentrate and are thinking about other things, you can say that your heart is like a path. It is useless to read even 10 chapters thinking about other things while reading the Word diligently. Therefore, consider the condition of the field of your mind. Isn’t it the condition of the path? Isn’t it because your heart is so complicated that you don’t have room in your heart to think of the Lord and accept His Word? Whether you are reading the Word or listening to a sermon, if you are on the path, the Word cannot work. The Bible explains that the devil steals the word.

Therefore, in order for the words of the Bible to be beneficial to you, please plow the fields of the path. Pray not for a hard heart, but for a soft heart and a thirsty heart where the seed of the Word can grow. May your heart be restored from the mindset of worldly worries and anxieties, and be transformed into a good field that yearns only for God.

 Posture necessary : Word of rhema

Lastly, the attitude necessary for the Bible to be beneficial is the heart to receive the word of rhema.

When you are moved by the Holy Spirit, the written word becomes a personal word, a living word, and a word that you hear. The Bible calls this the rhema word.

In the original Greek language for Word, there are two words: rhema and logos. Logos is used to refer to the general word of God, and rhema is the word that God speaks personally. The word that God gives to a specific situation is the word of rhema.

Words of knowledge can make us proud. But the Word given to me personally becomes powerful and becomes a living Word.

Luk 5:4 When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

Luk 5:5 Simon answered and said, Sir, we have worked hard all night and have caught nothing, but at your word I will let down the nets.

Luk 5:6 Then the nets were torn, because there were so many that caught the fish.

Peter fished all night, but did not catch a single fish. But Jesus, the carpenter, says, “Go out into the deep and lower your nets for a catch.”

So Simon said, “We have worked hard all night and have caught nothing, but according to your word, I will let down the net.”

Simon said that I would let down the nets based on the word, but the word here is the word of rhema. Peter had toiled all night but hadn’t caught any fish. In that situation, the personal message given to Peter was, “Go out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” The word “depending on the Word” is rhema in the original Greek language. When we are obeying by relying on the Word you received personally, God works. When we obey the word of rhema, we experience miraculous and wonderful fruits. This is what the Lord wants from us today. In my particular situation the Lord will speak to me personally by the written word, by the inspiration of his Holy Spirit. Obey then. You will experience God’s miracles and fruits.

A long time ago, a famous female pastor in Korea held a retreat at Mt. Samgak, and thousands of young people participated. However, during the retreat, torrential rain poured down and overflowed the valley, making it impossible for several young people to cross the river. At this time, three girls gathered and said. “Peter walked on water! Why can’t we just walk across the water? Peter crossed the water with faith, so we can do it too.”

The water in the valley overflowed to the bank, but the three girls held hands and prayed, quoting a passage from the Bible about the story of Peter walking on water. And in the presence of many, the girls began to cross the water. As soon as they entered the water, they were swept away by the rapids and drowned. Three days later their bodies were found on the shore near the ravine.

The word of the rhema personally proclaimed to Peter was the word, “Come.” But the Word given to these girls was Logos. When we obey the word of rhema, which is given to us personally, we will be able to walk on the sea and catch so many fish that our nets will break. Therefore, please listen to the voice that speaks personally to you and obey it.

(Mat 4:4) Jesus answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. The word here is rhema in the original language. At that time, the Word of God actually becomes the food of the spirit. The words of this rhema become strength, comfort, and power.

Also, the word of rhema gives victory in spiritual warfare.

The sword of the spirit. (Ephesians 6:17) ..the sword of the Spirit, that is, the word of God. The word here is rhema in the original language. When Jesus was tempted by the devil, he overcame the temptation with the word of God, saying, “It is written,” and the word at that time is the word of the rhema. The word of rhema is the word that acts like a sword that gives victory in the situation of my test.

Also, the word of rhema makes our faith grow. (Rom 10:17) Therefore, faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes through the word of Christ.

The word here is rhema in the original language. We can understand why we do not change into people of faith even though we listen to and read the Word so much. Faith grows only when we listen to the voice that is heard by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and listen to the word of the rhema.

Is the Bible becoming a spiritual food that gives you strength and vitality every day? Are you experiencing victory in the devil’s attack by using the Bible like a sword? Is your faith growing day by day by believing and obeying the word of rhema?

Dear beloved believers, do you believe that the Bible is the Word of God with His absolute authority? If so, please cherish these precious words. Please keep this word close. Why did God give us the Bible? For the sake of salvation, this precious Bible has been given to us so that we may be perfected for good works. Then, does this Bible actually serve as your food every day and play the role of a navigator who guides your life? Replace your path with a hard and stupefied heart with a soft and thirsty spirit. Above all, always rely on the Holy Spirit and receive and obey the word of rhema given to me. At that time, we too will experience the living God and live an abundant life.

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